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Frequently Asked Questions

An electronic Visa or e-Visa is an official document that permits foreign nationals to enter into a particular country and stay there for a specific time period . E Visa is applied for electronically rather than submitting physical paperwork. Applying for an eVisa is quicker and easier than applying for a traditional visa.

An e-Visa is generally processed with in – working days , however the approval or grant of visa depends upon the immigration of the specific country.

Before we get into the different ways of obtaining a visa, it’s important to point out that a country may require you to apply for a visa in a certain way. Embassy visa: Seasoned international travelers are probably most familiar with an embassy visa, so called because you have to go to the embassy with the required documents to apply. This is the traditional, paper version of a decade ago.

• eVisa: Again, an eVisa is like an embassy visa but applied for online. They are typically limited to travel for tourism.

• Visa on arrival: Also called a border gate visa, you can get this type of visa at the border as you enter a country. You will still be required to provide documentation and pay a fee. Like an eVisa, they’re typically only issued to those traveling for tourism. ETA: Also known as Electronic Travel Authorization, this is not the same thing as a visa. Visas generally guarantee that you can enter a country, and while an eTA may be required to travel to a country, it does not necessarily guarantee that you will be admitted. Just because a country is listed as “visa-free” or mentions a “visa waiver,” doesn’t mean you don’t need any documentation at all. You may still be required to have an eTA.

Validity of visa depends upon the issuing country and the category in which the same is applied for

Most of the countries need the passport to be valid for a minimum of 6 months .

Two photos of the applicant

-Portrait photo - Looking straight and without glasses.

-Passport data page: Full page including photo, personal information and ICAO lines.

Any other documents as advised by your Consultant

Yes. If needed, we can provide document pickup and drop service for residents of Delhi and NCR. If you belong to any other city, you can courier your documents and passports to our office through any reliable courier services.

If in-person application is mandatory:

You will need to visit the application centre yourself to submit the visa application along with your passports. In this case, you need not submit your original passport to our experts. Our experts can assist in completing your application based on soft copies of your passport . If an eVisa is available:

You just need to provide soft copies of requisite documents over email and our team will process your visa application .

You will need to handover your passport to our executive for processing your application. Our executive will provide you a receipt with passport numbers as an acknowledgement .We transport your passports in tamper-evident bags to ensure that your passports are not tampered with while in-transit.

No one can guarantee a visa apart from the consular authorities.

Any travel agent who claims to have connections at the missions and assure you of procuring visa are most of the time fleecing you . Such agents may also fabricate documents along with your visa application that may get you in legal trouble. Please be aware of such agents .

We at EVS try our best to review each case individually and ensure that the applicant provides all supporting as per embassy guideline .

However, the decision on your visa application is made by the consulate/embassy and their decision will be final and binding. Sometimes, consulate/embassy may provide a reason for visa refusal. EVS cannot guarantee your visa but our experts will ensure that your visa application is up to the mark as expected by the consulate/embassy

This is a subjective question and is dependent on various factors including your travel duration, who is your sponsor , your travel history, your monthly salary and most importantly the country you wish to travel to. Our expert handling your case can guide you after reviewing your case .

EVS is available both online and offline . You can visit us at our location in Gurugram OR speak to your visa expert via dedicated landline /mobile and emails

In most cases, if you are flying with the same airline or partner airlines on all legs of the journey and all legs are booked under a single PNR, you will not need a transit visa. However, the best answer on this question can be provided by your airline. Please speak to the airline or travel agents who has assisted you with your air tickets.

Am I eligible for a refund if I cancel my travel plans?

You may be eligible for a full or partial refund subject to the conditions mentioned in our Refund and Cancellation Policy.